Are one of my favourite subjects.  The opportunity that so many families have given me to document new life is a real privilege and keeps me inspired.
This truly is a fleeting moment in your child's life so I take great care to capture and preserve it for you.

When photograph them? The ideal time for this session is between five and ten days old; when they are at their ultimate scrunchiness and sleepiness.  Around the two week mark, babies start to lose that newborn 'curl', sleep less and can develop colic or newborn acne so it's best to capture them as soon as possible.

The Session

...takes place in your own home so you can relax knowing you don't have to leave the house with your tiny baby and everything you could need will be at hand.
Sessions can last up to 3 hours, to allow time for feeds and nappy changes etc.


What you'll need...the baby.  Just the baby and anyone or anything else special you would like in the photos.  I don't use a lot of props as I want the focus to be on your baby but I usually find something in every home to enhance the photos and make them uniquely yours.  Every baby is individual and so the session will be tailored around you to produce images you will treasure for a lifetime.  I understand how overwhelming it can be to be home with a newborn.  Your job is to focus on your new baby.  My job is to capture that new relationship.